Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Release Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Victor Gollancz Limited
Pages: Hardcover (327pgs)
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire
Series: Book 12 in Sookie Stackhouse series
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Description: With Felipe de Castro, the Vampire King of Louisiana (and Arkansas and Nevada), in town, it’s the worst possible time for a body to show up in Eric Northman’s front yard—especially the body of a woman whose blood he just drank.Now, it’s up to Sookie and Bill, the official Area Five investigator, to solve the murder. Sookie thinks that, at least this time, the dead girl’s fate has nothing to do with her. But she is wrong. She has an enemy, one far more devious than she would ever suspect, who’s out to make Sookie’s world come crashing down.

Review: Over all the this book was good, but I feel that Charlaine is slightly slipping in her story line. That she is just trowing these books together with out staying true to herself. The writing style and characters have changed drastically through out the series.
The last book leaves us off with readers finding out that Eric is promised to marry another vampire. The bond is now broken between Eric and Sookie. Sookie has also cut all ties with Amelia because she talked her into breaking the bond. When Deadlocked came out, I was hoping it would pick up right where it left off and provide more background and details about the bond, Eric's promised wife, and Amelia. Unfortunately this does not happen. 
Amelia makes a one line appearance in this book. We get very little information about the woman Eric is supposed to marry. Deadlocked went more in depth about the love Eric and Sookie have for each other. It was truly put to the test, and in the end we find out where Sookie's heart truly lies. 
I want to say that I never abandon a book once I have stated reading it. Unfortunately half way through I wanted to stop reading. I pushed through and finished, which I am happy I did. The ending was the books saving grace. It left me in anticipation for the next book. If you are someone to who reads a series, even though the latter half of the books have not been up to par. Stick with this one even if you don't like how it turns out. The ending saved it for me, and I plan on reading the next one to see how the series ends.