Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dead is Not an Option

Dead is Not an Option
Release Date: May 2,2011
Publisher: Graphia
Pages: Paperback (240 pgs)
Age Group: Young Adult
Series: Dead is #5
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal
Author Website:
Overall Rating: (5 out of 5 start) 

Description: It’s springtime of senior year, and psychic sleuth Daisy Giordano is preparing to say goodbye to Nightshade High. But no college acceptance letters have arrived yet, and she’s beginning to worry about where she’ll end up come fall—and if it will be anywhere near her boyfriend, Ryan. But that’s not the only uncertainty Daisy’s dealing with. There’s a vamps-versus-shifters war going on in Nightshade, and things are so tense that there is talk of canceling the prom. The conflict is carrying over to the Giordano home, since Rose and Daisy are both dating werewolves and Poppy’s new boyfriend is a vampire.

Can the paranormal community in Nightshade finally find peace? And will Daisy and her friends survive graduation? All of these questions and more are answered in the latest explosive installment in the Dead Is series.

Review: This is the latest installment of the Dead is series. Its such a fun book to read because of all the paranormal activity that goes on. Also I love the fact that in Nightshade you don't have to hide who you are. 

There is a conflict between the Werewolves and the Vampires. In Daisy fashion she has to solve the issue between the two, since her and Rose are dating werewolves, and Poppy is dating a vampire. 

School comes to a close, and Ryan and Daisy need to figure out what they are going to do next, but it doesn't help that Daisy hasn't heard from any colleges yet. While reading the book, and going through her ups and downs I'm routing for Daisy and Ryan to be together. I love it when the girl can get the guy of her dreams. 

Throughout the books you see all the characters grow so much, and they have grown on me. This is the last book in the series, and it was sad for me to read because I love the characters so much. I got a little teary eyed because there was a sad and shocking moment in the book. Other than that, it had a great ending to the series. I know its the last book, but I'm still hoping she writes another one because she can still continue the series. 

Overall great series. Would recommend to anyone that wants a quick read, cute story, and paranormal activity. 

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