Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pack of Lies Volume One: Debunking the 40 Most Destructive Conservative Myths in America by John-Paul Bernbach

Release Date: August 27, 2012
Publisher: Astor + Blue Editions
Pages: Kindle 
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Politics
Series: 1 of 4
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Description: Pack of Lies is a collection of 40 arguments, divided into four volumes and released in digital book format for instant access and ease-of-use. Each one of the 40 chapters takes on one of the 40 most destructive conservative lies in America today, and then systematically deconstructs it, contrasts it with reality, and presents effective arguments that shoot it down. In this way, Pack of Lies not only exposes the over-arching conservative deception, but it undermines and obliterates it through painstaking refutation, issue-by-issue, lie-by-big-conservative-lie.To make it useful for political junkies and casual readers alike, each chapter of Pack of Lies can stand on its own, allowing the reader to refer any lie, any issue, or any volume that he/she needs immediately, making it a handy reference on a smartphone or tablet for quick, effective rebuttals to common misperceptions.

Review: Please keep in mind everyone has different political views, and everyone has a right to their own opinion. 

I have never read a political book in the past, however I do follow politics and the current electoral campaign. I enjoyed this book very much and very informative. I believe whatever political party a person is a part of will enjoy this book if they keep an open mind. However, this book is geared more for the Democratic party. 

The information provided in this book is information I already knew, and topics you will hear the candidates discuss, but its great to have the statistics and numbers to prove the truth behind the lies. This is information that the conservatives will not provide you with. This is information every American has the right to know. I enjoyed this book so much that I recommended it to my father some coworkers to read. I'm looking forward to the other volumes in the series, and read the other lies. 

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